About Our Firm

Who We Are

Shannon & Lee LLP's partners are experienced business attorneys who are dedicated to giving their clients top-notch advice and representation. Our attorneys have more than 46 years of combined experience that they leverage to help their clients navigate the troubled waters surrounding financial distress.  Read more about our attorneys here.

What We Do

Our firm represents debtors, creditors, trustees, asset purchasers, and all other parties involved in bankruptcy, restructuring, and other debtor-creditor matters. Whether administering a chapter 11 bankruptcy case, negotiating a refinancing of a loan facility, or litigating under a secured note, our attorneys bring sophisticated analysis and practical insights to address our client's problems. We take pride in being familiar with all aspects of financial distress and using that perspective to help our clients achieve their goals.

Why We Do It

Things are harder when there is not enough money to go around. Our attorneys love the challenge. Helping a company on the brink of closing its doors stay in business or a creditor obtain a recovery when all hope seemed lost is what makes our practice rewarding.

Why You Should Choose Us

We have two objectives in every matter we take on: First, to provide our clients the absolute best representation we can. And second, to do so in a cost-effective manner. We believe that our experience representing all the different parties involved in the bankruptcy, restructuring, and distressed debt process gives us the perspective necessary to implement cutting edge solutions and strategies for our clients without breaking the bank. We would be thrilled to put our passion and experience to work for you.